Transparency Initiatives in Other Governments

OIG Advisory Suggests the City Embrace Comprehensive Risk Analysis to Address Millions in Claims Payments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 30, 2016 CONTACT: Rachel Leven, (773) 478-0534 OIG Advisory Suggests the City Embrace  Comprehensive Risk Analysis to Address Millions in Claims Payments The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released an advisory identifying the absence of a comprehensive risk management program in Chicago and highlighting the substantial operational and … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Concerning Claims Analysis and Risk Management

An OIG inquiry determined that the City does not currently have a comprehensive risk management program and lacks the ability to analyze claims trends across the wide variety of claim types as is recommended best practice for local governments. This is a matter of significant concern because the City spends many tens of millions of dollars … [Read More…]

Maryland’s Statestat

The State of Maryland’s StateStat is a performance measurement and management tool, in which the performance of programs is continually monitored. “At bi-weekly meetings, State managers meet with the Governor and his executive staff to report and answer questions on agency performance and priority initiatives.”[8] These meetings are informed by detailed performance data that managers … [Read More…]

Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics

The City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) “serves as the City’s innovation incubator, building partnerships between City agencies and outside institutions and entrepreneurs to pilot projects in Boston that address resident and business needs.” [5] MONUM “focuses on a broad range of areas from increasing civic participation, to improving City streets, … [Read More…]

Punjab, India’s Citizen Feedback Model

The government of the State of Punjab, India has created a Citizen Feedback Model that “aims to fight petty corruption, improve service delivery, and facilitate citizen engagement by proactively seeking, through SMS and calls, feedback of citizens who receive day-to-day government services.”[1] The program works by first collecting contact information from citizens when they receive … [Read More…]

Portland, Oregon “CivicApps for Greater Portland”

CivicApps for Greater Portland is “an open source design contest to showcase regional open data and promote collaboration between citizens and government to create applications, or ‘apps’, that address civic issues and benefit the greater Portland community.”[1] The CivicApps website provides data from various government agencies in the Portland area including the City of Portland, … [Read More…]

State of Nebraska “Nebraska Spending” Website

The State of Nebraska’s budget transparency website– “Nebraska Spending”– was created in July 2007 as part of several accountability reforms initiated by the State Treasurer’s office. The website allows Nebraskans to access state revenue and spending information in a straightforward and comprehensible format. The website includes: Fiscal Year Expenditures, which provides transaction-level detail on the … [Read More…]

Ontario, Canada Ministry of Infrastructure Website

In 2009, the Ministry of Infrastructure in Ontario, Canada launched a website to allow users “to track the progress of recently announced infrastructure stimulus projects in their community and across the province.”[1] The website’s goal is to provide “greater transparency and accountability to Ontario residents regarding federal-provincial infrastructure stimulus funding by highlighting the provincial contribution … [Read More…]

Icelandic Constitutional Council Use of Social Media

 In 2011 the Icelandic Constitutional Council used a variety of social media tools to engage citizens in the process of redrafting the national constitution. The Council posted weekly drafts of articles for the new constitution on its website and invited public comment and debate. Videos of each of the Council’s sessions were streamed live on … [Read More…]

Kansas Department of Transportation’s T-Link Calculator

The Kansas Department of Transportation has developed an innovative budget calculator that lets Kansas residents and other interested users develop their own theoretical transportation program. The calculator provides a window for users on the competing concerns and goals that must be balanced when developing the budget of a large government agency.