OIG Releases Recommendations for Improving the SSA Establishment Process

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:June 4, 2012 CONTACT: (773) 478 -0534  Jonathan Davey OIG Releases Recommendations for Improving the SSA Establishment Proce The OIG published a review of the process for establishing Special Service Area (SSA) taxing districts, as well as the official response to the report from the City’s Department of Housing & Economic Development (HED). The … [Read More…]

Analysis of Special Service Area Taxes and Tax Increment Financing Funds

For a printer-friendly version of this analysis, click here. The Inspector General’s Office has conducted an analysis of property taxes billed to property owners in Special Service Area (SSA) taxing districts that overlap with Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts.[1] The analysis found that over 80% of SSAs overlapped with TIF districts in 2010 and 2011 … [Read More…]

Special Service Areas Map

The Special Service Area map below highlights the boundaries, 2011 tax rate, tax rate cap, budget and Service Provider Agency for each SSA. The boundaries drawn on this map are meant to identify the general impacted properties in an easy to read inter-active format. View City of Chicago Special Service Areas in a larger map … [Read More…]

Special Service Areas 2011 Budgets

On this page, you can find the 2011 Budgets for each of the City’s 43 SSAs. Each budget is broken down into different categories that attempt to detail how the service provider is using SSA resources. The two files directly below contain the combined budget for all 43 SSAs and a summary of the tax … [Read More…]

Special Service Areas Description

The Special Service Area (SSA) program is an economic development tool that establishes a taxing district with specific boundaries. Property owners in that district pay an incremental property tax to fund services such as sidewalk maintenance, landscaping, security and local business advertising. There are currently 43 active SSAs in Chicago with an aggregate budget of … [Read More…]