OIG Statement Regarding Arbitration Decision for Fire Prevention Bureau Employees

The following is Inspector Joseph M. Ferguson’s statement regarding the recent arbitration decision on Fire Prevention Bureau employees found to have been stealing from the City: Last year, after a lengthy investigation, my office determined that firefighters assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau routinely lied on their mileage reimbursement requests in order to defraud the … [Read More…]

OIG Review of Mileage Use in the Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau

In 2011 OIG completed an investigation into mileage reimbursement claims in the Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB). In short, OIG found that in 2009 – just a one-year snapshot of what many in CFD volunteered has been a decades-long practice – 54 FPB inspectors and supervisors conservatively stole approximately $100,000 taxpayer dollars by filing false certifications … [Read More…]