Efficiency Studies

Follow-Up on CFD Fire and Medical Incident Response Times

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General has completed a follow-up to its October 2013 audit of the Chicago Fire Department’s (CFD) fire and medical incident response times. The purpose of the 2013 audit was to determine if CFD fire and medical response times met National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1710, which CFD historically claimed … [Read More…]

Inspector General Releases Review on Efficiency of Motor Truck Driver Job Duties

OIG issued a review on the efficiency of the City’s use of Motor Truck Drivers (MTDs). The report finds that approximately 200 MTD positions are unnecessary to regular City operations and the City is required to continue using them only because of an overly restrictive Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Eliminating these positions would save the … [Read More…]

Supporting Documents for Review of the Efficiency of the Job Duties of MTDs

On this page, you can find documents that were used during our Review of the Efficiency of the Job Duties of City Motor Truck Drivers (MTDs). There are two types of documents presented. City department responses to our questions about how departments use MTDs. These documents were useful for the purposes of the review, but … [Read More…]