Follow-Up on CACC’s Shelter Operations

The purpose of this follow-up audit was to determine the status of the Commission on Animal Care and Control’s (CACC) corrective response to a May 2013 OIG audit of CACC’s shelter operations. The 2013 audit found that CACC was significantly understaffed according to national standards and appropriated staffing levels and did not carry out veterinary examinations in a timely … [Read More…]

Audit of CACC Shelter Operations

On May 2, 2013, OIG published an audit of the City’s Commission on Animal Care and Control (CACC) shelter operations. The audit found that although animals were housed for the minimum time frames required by ordinance, which provides owners a chance to reunite with their stray or confiscated pets, CACC still faces several challenges. CACC … [Read More…]