Hiring Oversight

On June 16, 2014, Judge Sidney I. Schenkier of the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, entered a finding of substantial compliance with the Shakman Accord and therefore granted the joint motion of the Shakman plaintiffs and the City of Chicago to dismiss the City as a defendant from the case and terminate the Accord. The Monitor’s Report on Substantial Compliance (filed May 21, 2014) notes that, “The integrity of the City’s hiring and employment practices is contingent upon an independent, vigorous, and effective compliance function. To date, the Office of the Inspector General has assumed the duties previously performed by the Monitor’s office, and that office has the ability to report any future violations, should they occur, to the public.”

The mission of the Office of Inspector General Hiring Oversight (OIGHO) section is to monitor City compliance with the General Hiring Plan, the Chicago Fire Department Hiring Plan for Uniformed Positions, the Chicago Police Department Hiring Plan for Sworn Titles, the Department of Law Hiring Process (included in the General Hiring Plan),  and the OIG Hiring Procedures, which govern employment practices in the City.

To ensure that the system is one of integrity, OIG reviews, monitors, and audits key processes in the hiring plans. OIG also receives and investigates complaints regarding the hiring process, including allegations of unlawful political discrimination and other improper considerations or influence in connection with any aspect of City hiring and other employment actions. Finally, OIG receives and reviews escalations from the Department of Human Resources regarding anomalies that occur during a hiring process.

OIG is committed to fostering compliance by ensuring that City managers and personnel are held responsible to transparent and fair hiring systems. Help us keep Chicago clean by reporting misconduct online or by calling 866-448-4754. For more information on hiring plans or OIG hiring oversight in general contact 773-478-7799 and ask for “Hiring Oversight.”