PBC Response to OIG Report on MWBE Participation on PBC Projects

On June 20, 2011 the OIG received a response from the Public Building Commission (PBC) regarding the OIG’s June 15, 2011 report on MWBE participation on PBC projects that were completed in 2009. In the response, the PBC takes issue with several of our findings. The PBC’s main points were:
  • The OIG does not have access to documents on City-funded projects if the City is not the user department.
  • The OIG’s determination that the PBC grossly over-reported MWBE participation was incorrect, not because of miscalculations, but rather because PBC policy is more generous when determining MWBE participation.
Today, the OIG issues its response to the PBC’s June 20, 2011 response. The main points are:
  • The OIG agrees that the PBC and OIG continue to disagree over the scope of the OIG’s authority.  The OIG urges the Mayor of the City of Chicago to settle this dispute by directing the PBC to cooperate with the OIG in any audit, review, or investigation into PBC activities involving any City funds.
  • The PBC’s statement that its policy dictates more generous crediting of MWBE participation  is either a misinterpretation of its own policy, or if the PBC truly operates this way, an indication that the PBC runs a likely unconstitutional program.