Data & Analysis

Transparency is critical to community trust. Our Office will use data to learn more about the Chicago Police Department and provide that data for public viewing and download.

All (data/images) are viewable as PDFs and Tableau. To view in Tableau format you will need Tableau Reader, a free program you canĀ download and install using chrome browser.

How many sworn officers are in CPD?

The number of sworn personnel in the Department has long been a subject of question and debate. Moving forward we will update this total on a cyclical basis.

As of February 21, 2017, there were a total of 12,051 sworn officers in CPD.

Where are the sworn officers assigned and detailed?

Of the 12,051 sworn personnel, there were 7,251 (60.2%) sworn officers that were assigned or detailed to districts and 4,800 (39.8%) that were assigned or detailed to specialized units.

Sworn CPD Personnel by District

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Sworn CPD Personnel by District Map

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Sworn CPD Personnel by Specialized Unit

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How many sworn officers work in non-operational units?

In January 2013, the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) published a Review of Opportunities for Civilianization in the Chicago Police Department (CPD). The report analyzed 370 full-duty sworn positions across 30 units that are non-operational in nature or perform primarily non law-enforcement functions. OIG found that 310 positions could be filled by civilians because they required neither the police powers granted to a sworn officer by State statute, nor the skills, knowledge, or experience specific to sworn officers. In response, CPD committed to civilianizing some of those positions and to look to additional civilianization opportunities Department-wide. A sworn officer in a non-law enforcement function is a sworn officer not on the street, which may be a critical misallocation of skilled resources at a time of universally agreed under-manning Department-wide. The chart below shows the number of sworn officers as of February 21, 2017 in those same non-operational units.

Sworn CPD Personnel Assigned and Detailed to Non-Operational Units

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