Open Chicago Process for Disclosing Public Records

Before publishing previously non-public information, the OIG sends a letter to the Mayor’s Chief of Staff describing the data or documents that the OIG intends to publish.  The OIG encourages the Mayoral administration to publish the information on the relevant City department web sites where it will be easier for interested stakeholders to locate than if it were published only on the OIG web site. This procedure also provides the administration with an opportunity to raise any concerns about sensitive data before it is published.

Information that the OIG seeks to disclose through Open Chicago is often identified during the course of the OIG’s work on investigations, audits, program reviews, and hiring oversight functions. The OIG uses an internal vetting process and guidelines to determine whether or not the OIG should seek publication of the information. You can view the guidelines and a flow chart of the vetting process at the links below.

Removing Confidential Information

When the OIG, though Open Chicago, recommends a dataset be made public that contains confidential information, it will preliminarily identify the information it regards to be confidential in its communication to the Mayoral administration.  When a dataset is published from which private information has been removed, the publisher of the dataset (the administration or the OIG) should explain that the source of the dataset being released contains private information, the reason this information is considered private, and that this information has been removed from the public version of the dataset.