Open Chicago

Open Chicago is an OIG initiative to enhance transparency in City government by increasing the amount of publicly available information about City government thereby promoting efficiency, effectiveness and integrity in the City’s operations through meaningful public scrutiny. A full description of the initiative can be found here.

Non-confidential City data and documents are published or linked on this page. Here you will find information on City spending, program performance, and other topics presented in usable formats aimed at enhancing understanding of City government and facilitating further research into City programs and services. To learn more about how the OIG identifies and publishes or links to public, non-confidential City data and documents, go to the Open Chicago Process for Disclosing Public Records page.

If you have ideas about other public documents that you believe the City should make public,  email them to or submit them via our online suggestion box.

Types of Public Data

Resources Pages

Through Open Chicago, we will also publish resource pages to provide user-friendly, accessible information about different programs within City government.

Transparency and Accountability Initiatives of Other Governments

As part of Open Chicago, the OIG highlights transparency and accountability initiatives that other cities, counties, states, and countries have undertaken.  By identifying what other governments are doing to enhance transparency and accountability, we provide greater context for the City of Chicago’s own transparency efforts.  See what other governments are doing here.