Police Department – Eliminate Supervisor Quarterly Pay

Savings: $9.6 million

Currently, the City makes a lump sum quarterly payment to the Chicago Police Department’s unionized non-exempt supervisors (i.e., sergeants, lieutenants, and captains) in addition to their salaries.[1]  The 2011 budget included $9.5 million in supervisor quarterly pay.[2]  Because Supervisor Quarterly Pay increases with increases in base salaries for non-supervisors, the result of the pay increases in the contracts between the City and the police unions means that the estimated costs of Supervisor Quarterly Payments will increase to $9.6 million in 2012.

Under this option, the City would eliminate Supervisor Quarterly Pay.  Eliminating this lump sum payment, which the City pays regardless of the numbers of hours a supervisor works or any other performance measure, would save the City $9.6 million in 2012.  Implementing this option would require amendments to the City’s current CBA with the Sergeants’, Lieutenants’, and Captains’ unions, which expire on June 30, 2012.

Proponents might argue that the quarterly payment is not necessary because sergeants, lieutenants, and captains typically receive a higher base pay than the police officers they supervise.  Supplemental pay was originally intended to compensate these supervisors for overtime because – at the time it was implemented – they did not receive overtime like their subordinates.  However, since these supervisors now are allowed to earn overtime (per FLSA requirements), and receive quarterly pay in addition to such overtime, the Supervisor Quarterly Payments are now unnecessary.


Opponents might argue that this is just one component of the compensation that sergeants, lieutenants, and captains receive.  Therefore, eliminating it would be akin to reduction in pay that these officers have negotiated in collective bargaining agreements, likely in exchange for foregoing other benefits.


Budget Details

Dept: Police Department, 57 Bureau: NA
Fund: Corporate Fund, 0100, Approp Code: Supervisors Quarterly Payment, 0027
The appropriations are located on page 145 of the 2011 Annual Appropriation Ordinance.


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