Cultural Affairs and Special Events – Eliminate Jumping Jack Program

Savings: $500,000

Since 1969, the City has run the Jumping Jack program, which provides inflatable playgrounds for community events around the City. Inflatable playgrounds are provided at 5,000 events citywide and serve 350,000 children, according to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Under this option, the program would be eliminated, saving the City $500,000.

Proponents might argue that given the City’s dire financial condition it is impossible for the City to continue to provide this free service for community events.


Opponents might argue that this program is extremely popular with City residents and is relatively inexpensive given the large number of children it serves.



Budget Details

Dept: Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, 023 Bureau:  Bureau of Special Events, 2010
Fund: Corporate Fund, 0100 Approp Code: Special Events Projects, 9801
The appropriation is located on page 51 of the 2011 Annual Appropriation Ordinance.