Major Initiatives

The OIG’s ordinance directs the office to “investigate the performance of governmental officers, employees, functions and programs… in order to detect and prevent misconduct, inefficiency and waste within the programs and operations of the city government” as well as “to promote economy, efficiency, effectiveness and integrity in the administration of the programs and operations of the city government by reviewing programs, identifying any inefficiencies, waste and potential for misconduct therein, and recommending to the mayor and the city council policies and methods for the elimination of inefficiencies and waste, and the prevention of misconduct.”

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Crooked Code

In 2006, the OIG initiated an investigation into allegations of Department of Buildings inspectors taking bribes.

MWBE Oversight

Over the past several years, the OIG has conducted numerous investigations examining fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the MWBE program.

Open Chicago

As part of the OIG’s goal of making City government more accessible and transparent to the public, the OIG publishes data and information concerning the City.

Budget Options

The OIG annually publishes a Budget Options report that contains options to decrease spending or increase revenue. It is intended to provide information to elected officials and the public to inform the debate over the City’s annual budget.