OIG Advisories

OIG Advisory Regarding the 2015 CPD Lieutenant’s Promotional Exam

The Office of Inspector General has issued an advisory with recommendations to the Chicago Police Department (CPD) for improvements to ensure the integrity of its promotional testing processes. The advisory arises from an extensive investigation into allegations that certain CPD members received confidential exam materials pertaining to the 2015 lieutenant promotional exam. OIG did not … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding Use-of-Force Reporting

OIG has determined that the public reporting by the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) on the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) use of force prior to 2015 was inaccurate and incomplete, and that IPRA could improve its reporting procedures to provide meaningful transparency, improve accountability, build public trust, and, ultimately, bolster public safety. OIG determined that … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Concerning Claims Analysis and Risk Management

An OIG inquiry determined that the City does not currently have a comprehensive risk management program and lacks the ability to analyze claims trends across the wide variety of claim types as is recommended best practice for local governments. This is a matter of significant concern because the City spends many tens of millions of dollars … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding City Operating Policies and Procedures

Regularly maintained, thorough, and well communicated policies and procedures are critical tools for both operational efficiency and government accountability. Policies that are not documented and distributed may be inadequately followed or misunderstood. OIG investigations and audits have revealed that various departments do not properly document, and communicate to staff, their policies and procedures. This lack … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding the City’s Wellness Program

This advisory finds that the City is spending over $3 million annually on the wellness program contract with American Healthways Services, LLC, but does not track or measure the program’s performance and benefits in a way that sheds light on whether the program is meeting the City’s goal. The advisory suggests that, if Chicago Lives Healthy … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding Disposal Of Non-Hazardous Waste

This advisory explains that the City has failed to enforce its contract provisions regarding the proper disposal of waste by City vendors. OIG’s inquiry suggests that lax regulatory compliance may extend to the disposal of hazardous waste. The advisory presents background on disposal laws, rules, and contract requirements relevant to City Contractors; and examples of inadequacies in … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding City’s Real Property Management

This advisory notes that the City actively tracks and markets unused property. It may also engage in narrow re-use or consolidation projects. However, the City does not periodically evaluate its full property portfolio to ensure that all City buildings and land are put to their best use. The advisory presents; an example of one property … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding Suspensions for Historical Shakman Violations

This advisory highlights inconsistencies in the implementation of employee discipline meted out by the City. It comes after an Office of Inspector General (OIG) review of disciplinary actions found critical variations in the way sanctions were carried out across and within City departments. The lack of a clear central policy resulted in some employees escaping … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding Duty of Vendors Report Unlawful Conduct

On September 25, 2013, OIG sent the Mayor’s Office an advisory regarding the duty of City vendors to report corruption or other unlawful conduct. OIG established that an employee of a subcontractor to a City vendor unlawfully solicited and received money from members of the public with promises to take official City action on their … [Read More…]

OIG Advisory Regarding City’s Late Payments of Supplementary Vacation

On July 26, 2013, OIG sent the Mayor’s Office an advisory regarding the City’s late payments of supplementary vacation payouts. The Mayor’s Office and the Department of Law transmitted their responses on August 26, 2013. Both the advisory and the responses can be downloaded via the links on the right.